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About Graphic Mac

Whether you need graphics or web services, Graphic Mac Design Service is here to provide you with exactly the level of service you require. Being a small company, we understand the needs of small businesses, and are committed to giving your project the individual attention it requires. We enjoy what we do and take pride and pleasure in the quality of our work.

We can produce one graphic or hundreds, semi-technical illustrations or fun cartoons. We can supply you with an animation for your web site or design, host and maintain your domain and site.

Graphic Mac can support your existing staff or assemble a team to fulfill the specific requirements of your job. We can work with you one time or on an ongoing basis. A corporate website or a t-shirt design - no job too big or too small!

Primarily Macintosh-based, we also keep pc's with the appropriate software to get the job done. Major software used is:

Dreamweaver ImageReady Excel
Photoshop Acrobat FileMaker
Illustrator Freehand Joomla
Pagemaker Word ...and others as needed!
Flash Powerpoint

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Peb Elliott
Peb Elliott, Designer

I'm Peb Elliott, design consultant and owner of Graphic Mac. I'm mostly a one-woman graphics shop, but I maintain close contact with other professionals in the graphics and web design field and pull in qualified team members as needed to complete individual jobs.

I love taking my small boat out on the St. Johns river and photographing the beautiful Florida scenery and wildlife, and use my photos as an inspiration for graphics and product sales.

I have over 30 years experience in graphic design, beginning as an Illustrator/Draftsman in the U.S. Navy. At various duty stations, I served as a architectural and electrical draftsman, paste-up artist, lithographer, editor and photographer for command newsletter, and art production for sound/slide training programs for F-14 fighter pilots.

For 10 years I worked at the Kennedy Space Center - 8 of them in the Publications Group of Lockheed Martin. Duties consisted mainly of design, publication, and production of materials for use by the upper management of the Shuttle Processing Team for presentations, reports, manuals, and proposals. Work assignments also included designing company displays (such as the annual Space Congress) and certificates, layout on company newsletters, creating databases, and maintaining the work control database.

When the Shuttle Processing Contract was taken over by USA, I took an opening in the Orbiter Maintenance Department for the final year of my employment at KSC. I was responsible for the administration of 11,000+ Technical Illustrations used in orbiter maintenance manuals. This included originating or updating drawings; file administration and work flow of graphics support requests; transition of graphics from Macintosh OS to Windows; translating graphics to IBM CAD in support of the engineering groups; creating a prototype departmental intranet page; and training and scheduling of temporary hires.

In 1997 I took a voluntary layoff from United Space Alliance to devote myself full-time to operating Graphic Mac Design Service. Since then I've learned to apply my graphics and print skills to the internet and web design. I've also discovered the joys of digital photography and some of the fun things that can be done with photos, graphics and the computer!

I enjoy my work very much, and look at each new assignment as an exciting challenge to provide my clients with work they will be proud to use.

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